Cherry Wine High CBD clones

Cherry Wine High CBD clones

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Cherry Wine clones.  One of the most popular high-CBD hemp styles in Colorado, which has maintained a USDA-guideline-compliant 0.3% Total THC testing protocol since hemp launch in 2014.  This variety is also good under the USDA National guidelines, though it may need to be harvested somewhat early.  This variety has been developed independently by several breeders, each using a cross of Adam Cooper’s Cherry and The Wife, a high-CBD marijuana (1% THC) variety by Alpenstash.

Up to CBD 13%, approximately THC 0.3% if harvested early; up to 23% CBD if you can let it go.  Heavy bud.  Compact, dense shape.  Aromatic, fruity terpenes.  Vigorous growth.  CoAs available upon request. 

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Produced by established hemp breeder and farmer in Colorado since 2014, creator of AOSCA Certified High-CBD Hemp strain Medicine Mother.

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