5 Easy Steps to Begin Selling!

    1. Register to become a Member!

    2. You should receive an email with your approval and login details within 24 hours. This will include logins for both the Marketplace Sellers Portal and the Project and Bid Center (separate logins).

    3. Login to the Marketplace Sellers Portal and begin setting up your Profile and your Store: Sellers Portal Login!  You can also now post or bid on projects over at the Project and Bid Center.

    4. Refer to the Seller Portal FAQ to learn how to add your products, this is important to learn how to add different pricing or weights to your products as it is easier to do this before you "save" your first listing. https://sell.cbdfarmerscollective.com/index.php?p=shop_faq . Once you add your products or services, they will go through a quick review and approval process(usually within a few hours), at that time we will immediately publish your first products to the Marketplace!

    5. Congratulations! Now go share your store with the world!
      A link directly to your own store will be created for you: https://cbdfarmerscollective.com/pages/seller-profile?YourStoreNameHere

Refer to the Marketplace FAQ to learn about the transaction process once someone places an order with you: https://cbdfarmerscollective.com/pages/frequently-asked-questions

Remember if you need help setting up an online payment method to accept payment from your customers, please get in touch and we can help you find a good fit for one of the many 3rd party solutions we are familiar with. We will also be happy to help setup your store and products for you, just email over your images and pricing!