Buyer & Seller Policy

Buyer & Seller Policy

The following policies outline our guidelines for buying and selling through the CBD Farmers Collective’s Sites or Platform. By using our services, you are agreeing to the following language in its entirety.

Base Fee’s:

Sellers Transaction Fee (Seller): 3% 1%

Project Post Fee (Buyer): $30 Free!

Featured Project Fee (Buyer): $15 Free!

Approved Bid Fee (Buyer): 3% 1%

Membership Fee: $12.00 per Month. Cancel Anytime.

These fee’s may or may not include any potential discounts, specials or coupons which are applicable against the base fees. The CBD Farmers Collective reserves the right to change or reorganize its fee structure, offerings, and pricing at any time without notice.

Buyers Policies:

By finalizing the checkout, order, or bid approval, process on the platform, including but not limited to clicking the "Complete Order" button on the checkout page of the Marketplace, or approving a BID in the Project and Bid Center ) therefore completing the agreement process you are hereby agreeing to a legally binding contract to purchase the products or services listed in the order from the individual sellers offering each listing.

When a buyer / customer completes a Checkout or Order they must complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller within 48 hours of receiving the payment method from the seller.

Unpaid items purchased on the marketplace and unapproved Bids or unpaid Projects posted in the Project and Bid Center are considered a violation of our buying policies. All unpaid items are recorded on a buyer’s account. Buyers who have excessive unpaid items, or cancelled transactions or projects, may have limits imposed, or lose their buying privileges.

Sellers sometimes must impose shipping, taxes or other fee’s above the initial contract/order total within reason. If you deem these fees are unreasonably high, please contact the Collective and we will review the case and if needed cancel your order. In most cases order contracts can only be retracted under exceptional circumstances.

A Buyer may report a Seller for not sending a payment method or providing an unnecessarily cumbersome method of payment within 72 hours of placing your order. At which point the Collective will cancel the order for the specific products offered by the non-complaint seller (this will not absolve your commitment to purchase other products or services from the different sellers included in your order).

Sellers Policies:

Sellers are held to strict guidelines and high thresholds pertaining to professionalism, buyer feedback and satisfaction, and disputes and complaints, in order to be maintained as an active member/seller on the platform. If at any time CBD Farmers Collective staff deem that these guidelines and thresholds are not being upheld we reserve the right to cancel your membership and block your access to all services at our discretion. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings, memberships, or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.

By using the services of this site/platform as a member, seller, & buyer you agree to the "Base Fees" outlined in this document. All fees imposed by the collective will be automatically charged to your credit card on file with the CBD Farmers Collective. Membership fees are assessed monthly on your renewal dates (you do not have to be a member to buy products in the marketplace), Transaction fees and Approved Bid fees are assessed 72 hours after a buyers successful order, RFQ Fees are assessed immediately after Collective approval of an RFQ post. If a buyer contract/order or Approved Project Bid is cancelled for acceptable reasons outlined here within after the fee is assessed, you will be refunded the fee minus 5% processing fee (Example: Transaction fee: $10 minus 5% = $9.50 refund). RFQ Post fee's and Membership fee's are non refundable.

Sellers must submit a simple hassle free method of payment to the Buyer within 24 hours of receiving notice of the buyers order / approved bid (which in most cases is immediately upon checkout). The CBD Farmers Collective can assist you in setting up your payment methods to receive payments from your customers.  

A seller may report an unpaid order or approved bid if the buyer doesn't pay or contact them within 72 hours of placing their order or bid (48 hours after receiving payment instructions from the seller) at which point the order/approved bid will be cancelled.

All product and service listings added to your seller store and all proposals added to the Project and Bid Center need to go through an approval process and will be approved within 48 hours. We reserve the right to deny approval of listings for any reason.

As a Seller on this site/platform you are wholly responsible and liable for the products and services you sell to your customers and are required to maintain and follow all laws, regulations, license, and or registration requirements applicable to your government bodies including but not limited to Federal, State and City/County. We recommend that you have readily available digital copies of your documentation such as but not limited to Certificate Of Analysis and other lab testing results, Nutrient & Pesticide reports, and all Licenses & Registrations.

Prohibited Activities: Engage in any action with a user on the site designed to complete or facilitate a transaction outside of CBD Farmers Collective platforms. Share or request direct contact information prior to completing a sale in any communications with another CBD Farmers Collective member, refer to or promote external websites that facilitate sales outside of CBD Farmers Collective or other businesses, use any user information to contact another member to buy or sell off the CBD Farmers Collective Platform or “Site”. Offer catalogs or other items that are used to order items directly outside of CBD Farmers Collective. Offer or Sell products or services that violate or are non-compliant with your current Federal, State and City/County laws.

Posting projects without approving/choosing winning bidders we will assume you are using the platform to market but completing transactions outside of the platform which violates our policies and you may be banned.

Buyers and sellers should use the Private Message features or the Forum to communicate with each other for the protection of our members and sellers.

Rights of the CBD Farmers Collective:

Buyer/Seller Feedback will be managed under the sole discretion of CBD Farmers Collective. The Collective has the ability to remove, deny, or modify feedback if it is deemed to be fair action. If you dispute a feedback rating please contact the Collective to create a review case.

Activity that does not follow CBD Farmers Collective policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, blocking some or all of your messages/communication with other members, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings, memberships, or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.