About The Collective

          We are an independent Farmer owned and Member run organization. Our focus is connecting the community, creating awareness, lobbying for change, and creating access for the CBD and Hemp farmers, processors, and wholesalers community to top quality genetics, products, and services.

          A few of us Hemp farmers and friends from Colorado noticed a major problem. A lot of new inexperienced farms are betting their livelihoods on the boom of the Hemp industry, but not having the knowledge or resources to succeed. We heard too many unfortunate stories and we thought a resource such as the CBD Farmers Collective could solve this problem. 

          The community needs an effective & safe space to connect, capitalize on opportunities to work with each other to succeed collectively, be able to find urgent and time sensitive products and services quickly and at the best prices, and to have better avenues and platforms to market and sell goods and services. That's why we created the CBD Farmers Collective.

           We want our members to decide how this organization is run, what services are offered and how we offer those services. A collective such as this is only as strong as its supporting members and its ability to serve the communities specific needs. We ask our members to vote on budget allocation, we hold open board meetings, and we encourage everyone to make suggestions and leave feedback in the forum.

Thank you for interest and support! We hope you enjoy and take the opportunity to help us build a great community!


The CBD Farmers Collective Team